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Have you ever heard of cold  extracted extra virgin olive oil? And what about cold pressed EVO?

When an Oil follows this procedure it means that the temperature during the processing of the olives, the gramola (forehead olive paste) and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extraction must never exceed 27 ° centigrade degrees. This temperature limit preserves the essence of the olives, keeping the organoleptic characteristics as they originally are. It allows to keep the natural value of the Polyphenols and the antioxidant properties. The cold extraction is particularly important in order to obtain a perfect Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Using the Cold Extraction method is the best method to enhance the aromas and guarantee the organoleptic properties of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

The Olive Oil is the basis of the Mediterranean Diet and it is fundamental for high quality cooking. It is full of nutritional properties that are able to enhance the flavor of any dish


The Extraction or Cold Pressing of Olive Oil, which does not exceed 27 °, does not alter the nutritional values, the vitamins and the nutritional properties of the Oil. The exceed of that temperature limit would corrupt the values and properties of the oil.