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The Apulian olive groves are part of the Italian heritage

Gli Uliveti Pugliesi sono patrimonio Italiano, racchiudono economia, cultura e tradizioni millenarie legate a questa Terra, sono forse gli unici testimoni della nascita stessa della civiltà del  Mondo. Da sempre l'Ulivo è considerato un albero sacro ed era conosciuto ed apprezzato sin dai tempi degli Egizi, passando dai Fenici ai Greci e Romani sino al giorno d'oggi.

Apulia's favorable climate is the perfect environment for the growth of this fantastic plant. Today, olive oil is a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.

We are pround to show you the Olivi.  Check out olive trees

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We use olives of the Peranzana, Rotondella, and Coratina variety. We give love to the olive tree in order to get the best extra virgin olive oil. We pack it and send it directly to your house!


Four varieties of Apulian Olives to satisfy the most refined tastes.


Peranzana Olive has French origins, in fact it takes its name from Provence. La Peranzana is an olive produced only in Apulia, specifically in the Alto Tavoliere. This territory was formerly owned by the feud of the De Sangro family. The Duke Raimondo De Sangro, fond of botany and dedicated to studying agriculture, grafted the french Peranzana into his Apulian lands. And now you can find this valuable heritage in the Alto Tavoliere: the Monocultivar Oil of Peranzana.

The Peranzana olive plant does not produce many olives, but it manages to give us a unique and high quality extra virgin olive oil. This oil stands out for its beneficial properties and unmistakable taste. It is loved all over the world thanks to its harmonic character, its fruity taste. The bitterness and the spiciness blend together and create a perfectly balanced feel.


Coratina is an oil cultivar from Apulia that originates from the city of Corato, Apulia. 

The harvest period may vary from November to January.

Coratina has a high oil yield, it is rich in polyphenols, it has low peroxide values and zero acid values. Coratina Oil has a yellow - green color with a very intense and fruity flavor, slightly bitter due to the high concentration of oleuropein. It is typically spicy due to its high concentration of polyphenols. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants and they are very important to prevent cell aging and some forms of cancer.

The more polyphenol there is, the more the product will be spicy. You can find Coratina in our oil "Premium Blend".


La Rotondella is an olive cultivar that comes from central Italy. The Olive Tree of Rotondella is distinguished by its short and slender branches and it has small dark green leaves. The Rotondella is a rustic plant, which adapts well to many soils and is very resistant to low temperatures and drought; The production is quite full-bodied and its ripening olives have a beautiful vinous color.

You can find the Rotondella in our Premium Blend