LeVi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very high quality oil. It contains the history of the Lembo family, that has managed to pass on a special product over the years, with dedication and passion, preserving the traditional values of Puglia.





The Olio Evo di Peranzana comes from a very valuable variety of olives, La Peranzana, which you can exclusively find in a limited area: the Alto Tavoliere of Puglia (San Paolo di Civitate, San Severo and Torremaggiore) and nowhere else in Italy. The Evo oil of Peranzana can be enjoyed both on raw and cooked foods; whatever the case is, this olive oil will add that extra gear to your plate.

Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its beneficial properties and unmistakable taste.

This olive has a harmonious character and a fruity taste. The bitterness and the spiciness blend together and create a perfectly balanced feel.



The Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Monovarietal Oil made with a single type of olive: Peranzana. That’s  what makes it valuable. It is not mixed with various types of olives, it doesn’t lose the specific characteristics of the original olive. The olives of the Peranzana variety are the Heritage of the High Tavoliere of Puglia, a circumscribed area that includes San Severo, Torremaggiore and San Paolo di Civitate in the province of Foggia.




The Peranzana and Coratina Mix is the result of the union of two varieties of valuable Olive from the Apulian territory.  What originates by the mix of two Made in Puglia exellences?  Obviously the answer is clear: Peranzana and Coratina oil is a magnificent and unique mix, that will eppease your smell and your taste.  The low acidity of Peranzana and its harmonious and fruity taste, is combined with the intense bitterness of Coratina. This combination gives life to a perfect and balanced flavor, that amazes even the experts of the sector.



Our Premium Blend contains all the flavor of Puglia.

It is exclusively produced by olive groves of our land. The Premium Blend LeVi is a Mix made from High Quality olives: Peranzana, Leccino and Rotondella.  The union of these three special Cultivars give life to a refined combination.The strong fruity flavor leaves room for a little bitterness and spiciness on the palate (due to the polyphenols).  Our Premium Blend is widely used in the kitchen and it easly matches any dish, whether it’s raw or cooked, whether it’s cold or hot.